3 things I liked today

  • A surprise seal
  • Finding 7 four leaf clovers
  • Inside a volcano!

Today we head back to Rekjavik 😦


Our first stop was at Búðir in the Búðahraun lava fields in Staðarsveit, which is in the western region of Iceland, on the westernmost tip of the Snaefellsnes peninsula where the land falls into the sea.


There we  admired a picturesque  old church where many four leaf clover grow in the grounds.


We strolled down to the beach and were surprised to find light sand rather than the black lava sand that we found around the country.  Whilst admiring the scenery we saw a seal watching us from the water.   Strolling back to the church there were 7 four-leaf clovers found.  I looked but did not find one.

We then stopped to see the Grábrók volcano.  Here we hiked up the cone and were able to walk around the summit.  We could clearly see inside and the surrounding lava fields and a second cone nearby.   Happily it has not erupted for 1,000 years.

Looking into the crater
Another cone nearby
Sheep pens where farmers’ sheep are sorted after the summer roundup

Another drive away were the waterfalls of Hraunfossar and Barnafossar. The first we visited was the Barnafossar (Children’s Waterfall) which is a series of rapids on the Hvita river that gushes through a narrow canyon.  The name Barnafossar gets its name from the story of two children who disappeared into the falls many years ago, and whose mother destroyed the arch crossing the falls, cursing any who should try to cross.


The Hraunfossar (Lava Waterfall) gentle series of rivulets that tumble over bright green mossy cliffs into bright turquoise waters.


012A9863We then arrived at steamy Deildartunguhver.  This is Europe’s hottest and highest flow thermal spring at 180 litres of 36C degrees per second.  Much of the water is piped to surrounding villages, as far as 60 kilometres away.


Following that we followed the road around the Hvalfjörður (Whale Fjord) towards Reykjavík.


Our last waterfall!
Back where we started (There and back again)

As this was our last night together we went o a restaurant and enjoyed the last supper.  We left at 3:30am the following morning.  Adieu Iceland.

Our little bonus was that we travelled back to Paris with a planeload of very excited Icelandic men wearing their football or Soccer shirts.  They all went for the Beer and Pringles option at refreshment time.  We were thrilled that they beat England in the UEFA Euro 2016 match.  Boy, England took a double beating coupled with the Brexit!



  1. Hi Helen, It sounds like and looks like Iceland has been a fabulous experience and that the group you travelled with was good. By now you must be back in Paris and not far from returning home – if you haven’t done do already. Have a safe trip home and we will be able to catch up soon, Kris

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  2. You really have seen so much of Iceland & have some wonderful photos for memories.

    It’s cold back here so you’ll be fine!




  3. The church with the gras in the foreground and the Lutheran church in Reykjavik are my favourites this time. So that’s good-bye to Iceland. You seemed to have enjoyed all that you saw.


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