3 things I liked today

Goðafoss waterfall

The fjords

We enjoyed our stay in the Cottage on the Hill that was surrounded by lovely coloured poppy-like flowers.


After an ample breakfast we headed off towards the 30 metre wide Goðafoss waterfall. This waterfall is called the ‘Waterfall of the Gods’ due to the pagan Lawspeaker Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði in the year 100A.D. throwing the idols of the Norse gods into the waterfall after declaring that Christianity was Iceland’s official religion. Source : Wikipedia


Much of the day was to be travelling around the coast via the magnificent gorges. Apologies for the numerous bus window shots.


I like the way the ice melts on the crest of the hill leaving a line of rock which makes it look as though somebody has drawn the outline with a pencil


Akureyri’s fjord

Next stop was the second-largest city in Iceland, Akureyri. This city is situated at the head of Iceland’s longest fjord.


Here we were dropped off at the best ice-cream shop in the city and we all enjoyed an ice-cream in the sun.  Then we set off on foot to tour of the town.  We first visited the gardens before meandering down the hill towards the Akureyrarkirkja or the Lutheran church of Akureyri .



From there we wandered the streets looking at houses and shops.


Our meeting place for departure was on the harbour near a cafe that had a modern jazz band playing outside. Three guesses who tripped over the electrical cord and disconnected the sound?


From here there was a long drive across many hills following gorges the whole way along the Trollaskagi Peninsula on the North coast.  We stopped briefly at Siglufjordur, then continued onto Gauksmýri, for the night.  Unfortunately there was a mix-up and we had to return one and a half hours back to Siglufjordur for the night!



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