3 things  liked about today

  • Arriving in Iceland, yay!
  • My salad wrap made at the supermarket
  • a walk through town

We woke at 4:30am, packed and left for Terminal 1.  We put our luggage through and went through departures to the lounge.  We found a Brioche Doré and bought a croissant and a coffee for breakfast.

In a short 3 hours, we arrived in Reykjavik and caught the bus into town.  We were decanted into smaller buses then delivered straight to our guesthouse door.  Happily they were ready for us so we put our luggage into our room, freshened up a bit then decided to go for a walk into town.


Hallgrímskirkja Lutheran Church (great landmark!)


Reykjavik almost looks like a new town.  The town is very clean and orderly.  We browsed the shops then walked back to the guesthouse for a rest before the meeting of the group at 6:00pm.  A cuppa and a nap later we attended the meeting and met our tour group and our leader Larus.

Then it was off to a restaurant for dinner.  We were so tired after the meal.  With the time difference we had been awake for 18 hours.  The brsk walk back uphill woke me up.  Between that and the fact that there is only about 3 hours twilight, sleep did not come easy.


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