3 things I liked today

  • A quick peek at Bordeaux
  • Seeing good friends again
  • A fabulous evening meal!

This morning we arose and drove to chez Paul, French bakery chain.  We were both aching for a good French croissant and a coffee.  The ‘croissants’ and ‘pain au chocolat’ were fantastic.  I still don’t understand what the French do to coffee. It is often so different to the taste and smell of real coffee?

As neither of us had visited Bordeaux before, we decided to drive into the centre city of Bordeaux for a ‘speed look’ before heading on our way.


It took us quite a while to exit the city, but once we managed to get into the autoroute system we were on our way to Lyon.  It took us around 6 hours and we arrived in the late afternoon.

We knew we were approaching Lyon when we saw Mont Dore through the grubby car window!

It was really lovely to see our friends again.  I did not think we would return to Paris in this direction.  We unpacked the car and settled in.

Before too long, it was aperitif time.  We enjoyed some more ‘fois gras’ and a special saussicion.  This was a special artisanal sausage, handmade in the traditional style.  When sliced, unlike other sausage, when you bend it, it breaks rather than folds.  It was absolutely delicious!  We are very spoilt.


Then there was Patrick’s delicious and copious ‘boeuf bourguignon’ which was also delicious!


Following that, was the cheese platter.  I opted out claiming that I had already eaten too much.  Well, I had to at least taste a little of some of them, didn’t I?


Having already eaten too much I could not believe that I managed to then eat a lovely slice of ‘lemon tart’!  OK, I’ll be honest, I had two slices it was so good!  What wonderful hosts!


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