Grateful for …

  • Discovering that my HD card was not in my camera before he day was out!
  • Find the hotel easily

Happy about …

  • Braga, we love it!
  • Wandering the streets in the twilight

Today we farewelled Coimbra and headed off towards Braga, Portugal’s third largest city.  I was quite annoyed as I took some fabulous shots of Coimbra across the river with a lone oarsman stirring the waters and realised later that I had forgotten to put the image card back into my camera!  So, no morning photos today!

We had a relatively smooth trip to Braga.  Along the way we stopped at a local restaurant and received the same as everyone else.  A salad with tomato and onion for starters, then a large earthenware dish full, and I mean full, of pork chops cooked in wine sauce and roast potatoes.  We were so replete after this course that we could not eat the vegetable soup that was offered at the end of the meal.   The menu plus a carafe of wine and coffee  totalled 10 euros!

Thanks to Den for the photo!

 We had booked a hotel in the city centre and congratulated ourselves when we discovered that the city centre is paved and car free!


We immediately loved the atmosphere as we strolled around the centre city in the waning light.  There were many people, families and couples, buskers, music, restaurants, and bustling bars.


In one of the squares there was a rock and roll band and a large group of people doing aerobics together in time with the music.


Around the corner under a magnificent statue, a boardwalk was being assembled in time with very loud heavy metal music for the boardwalk fashion show later in the evening.


We wandered around for a while looking at some of the sites before settling down for a light refreshment before signing off for the night.



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