Grateful for …

  • Finding our next apartment

Happy about …

  • Seeing the stone ring at Cromlech

This morning we packed and breakfasted in the hotel Ibis before leaving for Lisbon. Along the way we sought out ‘Cromeleque dos Almendres’. Cromlech of Almendres is near the town of Guadalupe and is one of the largest collections of cromlechs and menhir stones in Europe.  We visited two sites. Site one has a large collection of about 95 menhirs.  You can see a plan of the site here Wikipedia


The second site has a large menhir 4.5m high and 0.9m in diameter is a few kilometres away. 012A5755

From here we drove through small roads looking for a vineyard called Monte da Ravasqueira.   Along the way we stopped in Arraiolos due to the magnificent castle on the top of the hill.  Arraiolos is also famous for the embroidered wool rugs and carpets that have been made since the Middle Ages.


We finally found the vineyard but unfortunately it was not open, so we headed off towards Lisbon.


Our GPS nicknamed ‘Prudence’ guided us right to the spot. Why Prudence I hear you ask? Because she always tells us to do things such as ‘Faites  demi-tour avec prudence’.

We met Nuno who let us in, gave us a Lisbon orientation and settled into the lovely apartment on the ninth floor. Views are great, we can see the castle-like university and the gaol!  We are also on the landing flight path for Lisbon airport!

By the time we settled in, it was time for dinner. We walked down to a little local eatery recommended by Nuno and it was delicious! I particularly enjoyed the squid. It did not look very inspiring with the boiled potatoes and over cooked broccoli, but everything tasted fantastic! I have never eaten more tender and delicious squid!



One thought on “TO LISBON

  1. I know it was probably annoying but I love planes so I would have been looking up all the time so that’s my favourite shot.


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