Grateful for …

  • Gracious and kind local people

Happy about …

  • A walk on the beach
  • See a stork penthouse

When we departed this morning we headed straight to Vila Nova de Milefonds which sits on the coast in the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano de Costa Vicentina.  “The South West Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park is the finest preserved stretch of European coastline, covering over 100 km, from Porto Covo in the Alentejo, to Burgau in the Algarve. The Park includes various unique species of animal and plant life, and is visited by many zoologists and botanists from all parts of the world.” Source : Visit Portugal

When we arrived Vila Nova de Milefonds we confronted by the main road blocked by roadworks.


Moving around the incredibly narrow backstreets was torturous, but we finally escaped and descended onto the beach.  There was a lovely little coffee bungalow so we sat down and enjoyed a très ordinary coffee.


We sat watching a man filleting his mackerel on the waterline.  The gulls were wheeling and gathering around as he filleted.

The gull we discussed is the gull at the top left in this photograph

We then noticed with horror a poor gull with a plastic bag wound around one of its legs.  It was awful to see and know that we were unable to help it.


Worse still, it became obvious that the other gulls were not accepting it as a part of the group either.


Feeling somewhat sad and helpless, we headed off North for an hour walk along a beautiful cliff walk.


Here we saw an old shipwreck on one of the beautiful but treacherous rocky bays.


On the return walk I marvelled at human ingenuity and artistic endeavour.


From this town we drove North to find a beach, Praia do Malhao, reputed to be like the Caribbean waters.


We walked a little on the wide sandy beaches before returning to Vila Nova for lunch.  We decided to eat local.  The cheap 6 to 9 euros meals were very generous and delicious.  Den ordered fresh mackerel and I chose Portuguese style pork.  It was so delicious!  Here is a recipe from AllRecipes  (I haven’t tried making it yet!)

We then set of for our final destination for the day and the one I was most excited about, Cabo Sardao.  This beach sports magnificent cliffs.

I was amazed by the formations here
This image contains a surprise. Can you see it?  This is why we came.
Storks nesting on the cliffs!
Quite rare and extraordinary!

By the time we had enjoyed another walk along the cliffs we were both tired.  Back to base for a cup of tea, It will be moving day again tomorrow!



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