Grateful for …

  • Walking through a rural town
  • Locating the apartment without any troubles

Happy about …

  • Buying fresh food at the market
  • Lunch at Intermarché

We both found it a little difficult to farewell Carvoeiro.   Our apartment was a lovely, well equipped and well positioned.   We packed up and loaded the car, but even then we stalled a little by having one last coffee in a café at the beachfront.  Then it was the final lock-up and we left for our next apartment in Odemira.



Along the way we stopped at the village of Aljezur.  There was a small market and we strolled through and bought some fresh vegetables for dinner.  This small little town had quite a history.  The river was much larger in the past and the waters have seen humans from Neolithic times marching on this territory such as the Berbers, the Moors and the Portuguese.  Read more : Wikipedia

Fresh fish in the Aljezur market
This river was once larger.  It supported trade from ships from Europe.  The riches were many and the importance of this trade merited a fortress to be built atop the hill to protect the goods from marauders.

By the time we found the apartment it started to rain.  We were glad of our raincoats; even though they were packed for Iceland not Portugal!  We met a kindly old neighbour who tried to assist us settle in.  In the end I thanked her in Portuguese and she beamed a smile and we both shrugged our shoulders.  There would be no long chats over the fence, but plenty of smiles and goodwill.

We were really impressed by this apartment too.  Perched at the entry into town, the scenery dropped away from the front balcony to the river and fields below.


We need some supplies so we drove to the local Intermarché.  There we discovered a small café within and we sat down to chicken and salad and drinks for 5 euro 70 cents which converts to around $8.80.


Novel for me, normal for others.  All Intermarche supermarkets have washing machines and driers

We returned to the apartment and rested in the afternoon.


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