Grateful for …

  • Wonderful freeways
  • Rest stops with clean toilets

 Happy about …

  • The coffee is better than in France!
  • Being on holidays and feeling relaxed!

 Disappointed about …

  • Not finding a barber!

 We left Valencia around 8:15am and jumped on to the Eastern freeway towards Madrid. The freeways are in good condition with some sections requiring payment and others not. When you pay they are quite pricey, but this was balanced out by the non-payment sectors.

Poppies fill the fields along the freeways
Nearing Seville, there were olive groves for as far as the eye could see


We arrived in Seville around 3:30pm and booked into our hotel.  When we stopped in the parking I could smell oranges.  We had squashed one when parking the car.  The parking was studded with orange trees.

Beautiful greenery in Maria Luisa Park and horse drawn carts

After a quick unpack we drove into town and found a parking lot right near the ‘Plaza de España’.  This building sits next to the beautifully lush Maria Luisa Park.  The Spanish Plaza sports a large fountain that is surrounded by a semi-circle of buildings built in a variety of styles.

The beautiful Plaza de Espana

Running between the buildings and the fountains is a moat populated with sightseers boating around and under the bridges that represent the four ancient kingdoms of Spain.




From here we walked towards the Guadalquivir River towards the Torre del Oro or the Golden Tower before walking further along the river. Other interesting sites were the University, the theatre and the Corrida or Bullfighting stadium.


We then sat down in the 32 degree heat and cooled ourselves in the bustling café precinct and enjoyed a Sangria.  A well-known Spanish beverage, this mixed drink is refreshing in hot weather.  Here is Lauren’s recipe

Salmon with tomato and pesto


We walked back to the gardens and stopped to dine at one of the many pavement restaurants. From here we drove a little further away to visit the Museum of Archeology and Library buildings.  After sauntering though the garden and watching the pigeons feed we returned  the hotel in the sunlight at around 9:30pm. as we were both very tired.



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